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Real Colombia


For the past weeks I’ve been traveling through Colombia reporting a story for Outside magazine. As a travel writer, the topic that fascinates me most is how a country with a warring, violent past can transcend its history.  While Colombia is far from perfect, the people here are tired of living in a murky shadow world and are making tremendous progress in trying to move beyond the dark trail of violence left behind by Pablo Escobar, FARC, ELN, the paramilitary, and all other terrorists that have used power to intimidate, exploit, and extort anyone who gets in their way. The proof of Colombia’s desire for real change is everywhere, from Medllin’s immaculate Metrocable, a public gondola that allows people who live in the hillside barrios to safely and efficiently work in the city, to eco tour lodge operators who are working with locals to promise tranquil vacations on the Pacific coast. It’s an exciting time to be in Colombia. Stay tuned for my upcoming story in Outside, then visit this vast, complex country for yourself.