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Lying in Devil’s Kitchen

It’s hot in Devil’s Kitchen. Too hot to sleep. But if I have to have insomnia, It’s nice to have it while lying in a tent in Canyonlands National Park while staring into the Milky Way. Out here I can remember what I love about my country—namely, wide open spaces and freedom. Out here the 2012 Presidential Campaign is trapped in far away TVs, Facebook updates are impossible, the stock market can’t save my life, and my only concern is whether we’ll have enough water to hike out tomorrow. When life is this simple I can turn to the impractical questions: How does a person form “convictions?” If convictions are formed by personal experience, how can one president align the convictions of 307 million Americans? Did Milan Kundera get the concept for the “Unbearable Lightness of Being” from Leo Tolstoy’s concept of “lightness of being” in “War and Peace?”  Wouldn’t it be cool if there were lions in Canyonlands? Will I ever sleep again?