When In Stockholm, Run

It’s Easter Sunday in Stockholm. Eighty percent of the city is shut down for the long holiday weekend, but the Swedes who haven’t Volvo-ed off to their country cottages are playing outside, letting the sun bake their newly exposed skin. After an Arctic journey that looked like this for a few days (read more about it the January 2012 issue of Outside),

I celebrate the sun by taking a run. In Stockholm, that’s easy. From the Clarion Hotel Sign, a sleek centerpiece of Scandinavian architecture, I head down the Kungsgatan to the Kungsholms Strand, a recreation path that follows the placid water of the Barnhusviken. I run past pale blooms sprouting on the willow trees, teak houseboats, and normally stoic Swedes who can’t hide their happiness that spring has finally arrived. Afterward, I find a hanging bubble chair on the Clarion’s rooftop deck that twists toward views of centuries-old church spires and listen to the lyrics of the lounge music—”You make me want to tell the whole world about love….” But, really, today I just want to tell the whole world about Sweden.


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